do two years travel website experience

love travel, and friends set up a blog type tourism website (URL happy tour is not open, so as not to be collected) before we two sisters are the most active in Anhui travel enthusiasts Association, each finishing a lot of the Raiders and travel diary, later simply from the blog evolved to a happy tour the web site.

in the past few years in the institutions, because the main business units mainly, the opportunity to travel a lot of, North and south, rivers, mountains, but also almost traveled. Many pictures were taken.

know a lot of friends, each big forum many tourism group QQ, I pulled over. Later, the statistics were released, and the peak time reached 3000 people a day (formerly called people, now called IP).

from last year, after the change of the company, more leisure time, travel time less, I think to do about the tourism website, from pure play to professional.

changed a VPS space and spent most of my half month’s salary.

website is still very smooth, see Admin5 on many articles, say how to do website, how difficult. I did not feel the technical aspects of worry, from the website built up to now, I just update the background, the management will do.

the server is bad, it’s been attacked, and so on. I don’t seem to have touched it once.

what is the search engine SEO that many people talk about?. I never thought, recently also think about this problem, traffic always hovering in the 4000 IP, no progress. Even the Baidu League doesn’t want me to do it.

website to make money, have not thought before, and now see other people are talking about this problem, but also want to think about this, even if it is to earn a little money.

usually did not want to hang up any pop-up window, big picture window, and Sohu that medicine advertising, the most disgusting. Before, there was a person here to pack a month ad, is to sell what perspective glasses, hung for three days, was reported by friends, I will withdraw.

Google Advertising, less than 2 dollars a day, I have been very strange, such a large flow, no one to point. It might be my poor advertising layout. Last time I went to the Google Adsense conference in Hefei, I also went to the Google and asked people about the optimization. It is estimated that the traffic is too low. Recently, alimama had three packages, adding 200 revenue a week. But only for a month. I wonder if I can get another chance to apply next time.

has contacted several tourist attraction tickets before, as well as the hotel reservation, has done 2 months less than 100 pieces, the money has not given me. Feeling this way doesn’t suit me.

I want to organize some group trips myself, and I’m afraid I’m not energetic enough.

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