The need for talent networks to join micro blog

although the talent network after so many years of development, has gradually become a mature industry. But at the same time, the development of new things from time to time also brings new impacts and opportunities to the traditional network. If you simply stick to the old method, you’ll be replaced by a digital camera like a film camera. Micro-blog, which has gradually matured, is a new operation that must be considered by the talent network. Why do you say that,



micro-blog’s expansion is powerful, micro recruitment will become a direct rival

micro-blog users with viscosity is obvious to everyone, and built on this user volume and viscosity of the platform, its scalability is very powerful. With a variety of network operators, access to life services, micro recruitment has also begun to try. So, if after the recruitment of mature, will become a very strong opponent of talent network. It’s not ahead of micro-blog users and brand operation, ahead of reserve.

increase promotion channels, from passive communication to active dissemination of

talent network as a life service type of website, is a product under specific needs, destined to not have too much extra traffic, that is to say, the average person is need to find a job will come up. Well, in addition to large-scale advertising, a lot of traffic is through search directly to enter the site. Therefore, the talent network in the promotion is actually very passive, that is, do their own content, and then wait for the user needs, and when you want to find a job, look again.

, and micro-blog is a very large number of users of the platform, and itself has the "attention", "forwarding" such characteristics of the spread. As long as through a variety of simple small activities, you can expand the brand influence, the accumulation of attention. Thus, when the talent network releases various kinds of information, it can take the initiative to the user’s eyes, from passive communication to active communication, and can bring more potential users to the website.

breakthrough bottleneck from computer users to mobile phone users

We all know that

is mainly set up for talent network client site in computer, although a lot of talent network have launched a WAP page, but because the operation is too complicated to flow through the WAP page the user is actually very small, so creating a lot of traffic loss. Now, the popularity of mobile phone network, no less than the computer network, is a talent network can not give up a piece of fat.

if you look closely at the source of the release on micro-blog, you will see that the client from the mobile client is far more than the computer user. This is a way from computer users to mobile phone users, so as to obtain a larger user base.

in short, micro-blog’s operations will be an essential way for talent networks to operate, and a large number of talent networks are already pouring into it. But more are operated as web sites, if talent >

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