The importance of blogosphere

Whether the

blog is successful or not has a very large relationship with the daily communication of the blogger. Many people think that open a blog, and then continue to write articles, and then in accordance with many well-known blog open successful experience to do promotion, and feel that sooner or later will be successful. You still think so, it is very possible to finally, but tired half dead, blog is not too much popularity. Sunshine house blog that many people just look at the surface of success, but did not understand the root of success behind, that is, there is no established network of successful resources, the lack of communication circles.

blog want to succeed, you must have your own communication circle,

behind many successful blogs, bloggers often have their own circle of communication. Like attracts like., means that there will be Birds of a feather flock together., behind a lot of people with a common goal together for success and continue to discuss the problem, long life, will certainly have a lot of the inside of the circle by. As long as you have the same direction in your own field, you will always be successful and become successful. It is hard to fail.


has so many people in the circle that they share some new experiences while others are sharing it. Finally, they share their own successful experiences and ideas to solve problems for others and improve their reputation in the circle.

, for example, your blog is to do SEO, site, template, must be able to share their experience in their own circle, help others to solve the problem, people will think you are reliable, begin to pay attention to what you write. Your every day is written in the blog of smallpox dragon, others may only be seen even if, that is what you write is not a reliable, there is a puff of feeling.

a lot of people why business is attributed to the like a raging fire, he obtained the success of the method in the circle, then share their successful experience to help others get approval, then their initial fame in the circle in the circle to expand slowly from inside and outside.

blog fame is the popularity of people in the circle

I have mentioned before, "blog represents a part of your personal value", as long as their own values in other people’s minds have been recognized, will gradually get the attention of others. As many experts in the SEO, in the webmaster’s circle, did not get the trust of others, opened a blog, but no one will pay attention to you.

because now people are interested in the popularity of things, so popularity can be understood as a guarantee, is the minimum guarantee of confidence. No matter which industry is the same, stars, students, novels, TV series…… Have their own popularity index. If you can’t get the first word of mouth, no one will spread your reputation, and no one will know your deposit

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