The simpler the site the more successful

has always had a dream, hoping to create a dynamic career with your own ideas. Remember this before, to do a few minor is a very strange thing. For example, just graduated that, with a friend to put a carpet on the streets, take a piece of paper to write "how could mobile phone number, passers-by told me his mobile phone number, and then I made a homonym with it mobile phone number’s good words to remember, such as 5649335 (I think boring). For the first time, the tension was self-evident. Toss about one afternoon, also be "empty handed White Wolf", earned 8 dollars. The first dollar coin still remains. Later, the model was found to be too difficult to implement because it was not that all combinations of numbers could think of homophonic words. So I finally gave up.

did not take long to think of the current people living in a fast developing era. In order to live, everyone is tired of running around, and there is a lack of proper communication and communication between people. In life, work, emotional aspects, there must be a lot of emotional backlog. And these are sometimes inconvenient to say to friends and colleagues, "can I provide a place for everyone to vent?". So the Internet toilet was founded". The so-called "network toilet" is actually a place for venting. I set up a lot of featured forums in the forum. Such as "foul art", "once", "inferiority", "jealousy"". At that time, to know what to do is also a bit of fur, do not know to promote, but do not know what profit model, so slowly, they have no incentive to continue to do it. But I did not expect is that the vent will be used when many with the dirty words. And these keywords finally let the server provider not hesitate to shut my space. Now want to come to such a community, or should have his presence. If any of my friends is interested, please let me know. QQ:26047314 well, as far as technical problems are concerned, there are always ways to solve them.


is the next day while working on the way, also often appears some of all sorts of strange things. Men and women, for example". The forum is divided into about two pieces, while on behalf of men, while on behalf of women, to give a topic for them to discuss here. Because men and women will argue the topic, but also in these opposing topics, men always stand on the men’s side, on the contrary, women will help women to speak, I think you will be able to attract many people to discuss the. I also have a lot of creative details here, and I think I’ll do it one day when the opportunity comes.

can say, before my creativity more is to stay in the idea above, not really go all out to carry out. I think I’m too eager for myself. I always think that if you have a good idea, you’ll get rich day by day. Until one day, I saw a book on Internet marketing. Which talked about many of the webmaster through emails and the success of the story, did not see this book before, like a mass email so stupid I was definitely despised. But when I finish reading, I >

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