New English station earns more than old Chinese station Continued

The last time the

finished the "new English station earned over the old Chinese station" when forecasting myself will write promotion! After a lot of friends in the group does not stop me! Let me send promotion tutorial! I think it is not a good phenomenon! English station of China stationmaster is new the field often heard!! but is not done! Think your English is not done! But those who do it all is the net stock design site on Warren! All is the designer? Impossible! You should try to do more! Only do in you can really learn something! Even if you can’t Warren, at least you have become more understanding of the stock market, even if you can’t become a designer, at least you can become more aesthetic, even if you can’t be the winner of the English station, at least you can also be A few English speakers, so encourage people to do a little more of their own, because language is not a problem (because we have online translation), space is not distance (you can find me to buy),

want to do English station friend, must believe me this sentence, as long as to do, there will be harvest!


is now connected to a say! Tell you how to use with its own website advertising, since I said this website, many of my friends asked me about this website, my answer is that I see in the Admin5 of the next tutorial! Now the full range of the we analyze this website! This website Alexa is ranked 38, a total of 9 languages, and should be more friendly to the China website, is the first stage to do English station! Is a very powerful but we don’t need to go to this website!! we only find it can give us the


began to send advertising before (straighten out your thought, not Chinese of foreigners in advertising so offensive to advertise their general information provider when you are, so your ad to be bold, they are generally not delete advertising, so you have to send the advertisement would have been placed in that. They also do not limit the posting time interval, it can tell you that all the hair on the hair to the dead hair)

After entering the web site,

first changes the site language into simplified Chinese (if you are good at other languages),


is registered (the other can truthfully fill in the mailbox, is the best for foreign brands such as Yahoo Gmail, QQ mail and I can’t seem to register)

then do is upload a picture with you promotion content related photos! If you’d better put a promotion of beautiful pictures more energy-saving do your head! If not good pictures also put a beautiful picture as avatar! I love beauty is point posted feel so special! Convincing


, just press my link, and then click the group, and see that there is no line below

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