What kind of website construction to earning large quantities of gold each day

many owners complain, my site layout, but did not earn a penny, but others website ugly, this is what reason can earning large quantities of gold each day,


actually, the reason is simple. You don’t have the right type of website. Some types of websites are made for money, and some of you may not make a few money for a lifetime.

such as the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industry, and pharmaceutical related websites is profiteering, search for "pharmaceutical investment" in Google, and then look at the row in front of the website, do not compliment, basically on the page are all packed ads, these ads are costly. It is reported, a student has done such a website, flow is not big, every day on the thousands of traffic, but the word "medical investment" ranks in the top five, so monthly advertising income easily several thousand yuan. Of course, some of the company’s operation is better, there are millions of dollars per month.

network game industry is huge, around the network game profits small website very much, so the industry website servers, these sites are super simple, may be a web page, packed all advertising, this website, as long as can appear on the first page of Google Baidu, whether it is love or other servers more than 100 thousand of advertising revenue, the month is easy. One page, more than 100 thousand yuan a month income. It is said that a relatively well-known private website, tens of millions of dollars a year.

PW website can be so huge profits, the main reason is it industry profits, the Internet friend said, set up a PW in their own Internet cafes, Internet cafes to play simply within the Internet, selling equipment revenues are much higher than the access fee.

, and some types of Web sites do not make money, such as software download stations, such as computer answering questions, traffic is good, but there is no income, do not believe you can go to http://s.www.pcdayi.com to see.

anyway, if you want to have a lot of income to stare at these money site types, don’t you go to the download site built, others do QQ you have to engage in the garbage station, the tired and no income.

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