Tips for expanding articles in the station material source strategy

no ink webmaster and editors in mind, face different types of websites, facing the background content space of the editing area, do not know where to begin. As the saying goes "reading break into the tired, writing if there is God" and today I share with you, the station for the expansion strategy of


with different types of websites, whether large or small and medium enterprise portal site, Yan station or personal site, all cannot do without website content editing, content editing station face, hands on the keyboard so many editors, but not a word.

books, magazines, material sources

I give an example to illustrate, to facilitate mutual understanding and interaction. Take the "spiral pipe" for the industry, brand, products, search for the corresponding book content expansion, can find the spiral steel pipe industry information, brand information, product information, technical information in books and periodicals, orderly editing posted on the web site good. This type of content is often not the Internet, such editing methods belong to the original type, it is best to do the article optimization, appropriate to do the entrance of the chain, it is easy to improve the article ranking.

social livelihood focus news source material

a lot of people’s livelihood news, are often reported in the eyes of all walks of life social indicators or evaluation and praise, often the information is from the traditional media is a newspaper or television or direct access, network society people get focus report. However, the source of these articles in the station is usually the source of the inside editor’s source of the large portal station. As a small and medium enterprise or individual station, it can be ignored.

network news material source

network news usually belongs to the large portal industry uses the station editor source of one of the channels, because the network news is usually the most new, first hand news, and large website editors are usually 24 hours of work, so more suitable for large portal site editors, while small and medium enterprise site can find industry network media or industry information platform for access to the latest industry, brand, products etc.. Direct access to the depth of organic combination, looking for related types of articles, combinations of relevance can be. Such an article editor, from an editorial point of view dissection, can be said to be 80% original, like search engines.

celebrity name blog material source

read the three hundred Tang poems, not poetry will present a lot of time away "station in the station of the editorial staff usually editor, will feel no words in mind, not so good writing, can refer to the articles written by famous Hot Blog, celebrity Hot Blog wrote to celebrities life cultural connotation. In addition, it can get celebrity writing style, and can study the thinking style and writing style of celebrity writing, which will help to promote the editorial staff’s thoughts and writing style, and have some industries

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