Stationmaster net portal construction substantial thing is very few

today, as usual, read the webmaster network, and saw some webmaster about local website construction article. I don’t know what to say, because I know there are some things I haven’t written in the webmaster net. Are just out of their own, seemingly is feasible, but also can not afford a little about, I might say a little about a bit wrong, but if the installation of these so-called stationmaster net webmaster local portal promotion to do it, I think the only one, that is a failure.

I’ve got one month since I persuaded a boss to invest in me, and I also got a new idea about the operation of the local station. Want to share with you my heart, but the pain and no time, now we are still in the activities of the publicity, the display of several people in the local traffic place today, tomorrow also need to continue to struggle. From a person without money, to now registered company, there is a 134 square floor in the 9 floor of the office site, a team of 4 people. The heart of this month may be something that has not been learned for years in the stationmaster’s network, especially the physical publicity.

, the biggest feeling is a bit rich, if you are a person, try to find a boss for your investment, the money can in the real promotion, now we are very realistic, do you have no money, even emboldened, but also how to talk about what the cooperation. On our this Shuyang million smiling faces collection activities, the light bonus is set to fifteen thousand dollars. Another point, a point may be all ignored, is the brand, a brand effect, let us say, we find this activity units are among the highest in Shuyang, in addition to a Shuyang TV station because the last thought not settled, others are successful, in fact to say now feel spin, really can be said to be sleight of hand.

, another point is to find customers, a customer group is the consumption capacity of the interests of advertisers, suggest standing friends do, don’t focus on the Internet, in the seventeen eight year old man. To find high spending power, advertisers are interested. If the local local station itself, you can find a breakthrough point, such as the place of real estate, you can start from the home of the two, it should be a good home, real estate, the boss also dare to interest.

in fact, more, that is, the local station to do is a detail, the big direction is learned at the time of operation.

if you want to be a local station webmaster friend, you can send mail to my mailbox [email protected], we discuss together. If all of us in Shuyang harbor smiling faces gathering competition,

, if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you for calling our company during the day: 0527-83991199, my name is Zhang Wan

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