Zhuhai hi tech Zone the first venture to compete for more than half of the project investment

in the fierce market competition, who can get the public’s eyes, who won the starting point. Entrepreneurship competition has become an entrepreneurial project from peers to stand out, the competition on the quality of entrepreneurial projects will also be supported by the government and other aspects. For the development of regional economic development to provide new hot spots.

in qualifying opening links, Zhuhai (National) high tech Zone Innovation Service Center Director Wu Weizhong said that Zhuhai is a means of "entrepreneurship zone" is the policy, take the platform, excellent service, promote more entrepreneurial projects blossom in this piece of land in Zhuhai. Government angel fund, common property housing, wings of growth, such as innovative policies in the capital, talent, platform and other aspects of the entrepreneurial enterprises to provide a full range of three-dimensional services.

impressive, and smart inflatable treasure project. It is an intelligent gas cut into the mouth of the high-end small riding area; and little wallet APP by more popular with college students cash installments, the main line of two or three college students. Focus, the ultimate cause of these projects to impress investors.

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