On the optimization of website itself from the angle of conversion rate

When it comes to conversion,

believes that it should be a ratio between the number of independent visits and the amount of all visits that can be reached. For example, you do a cosmetics sales site, one day is 100IP traffic, turnover of 20 people, then your site conversion rate is 20%. Conversion rate is light, but it can be done by countless webmaster for their brains. Moreover, the conversion rate is closely related to SEO. Now let’s take a look at how to optimize the website from the angle of increasing conversion rate.

since conversion rates are SEOER’s, then we should consider the various factors that influence SEO to consider the optimization of the website itself.

first: a reasonable layout,

The layout design of

website to meet the user psychology, countless practice shows that the layout structure of F type is easy to most users to browse, and psychologists from a large number of experimental data that the user to browse a page, the visual tracking is the type of F, you can think you open a page is not the first. See from the top horizontal navigation page, then the vertical list left? Many websites put this idea to coincide psychological principles of web page design, such as Jingdong, excellence, there are countless small B2C shopping mall, there is a F type navigation: classification navigation on the left side of the top horizontal navigation. This design is indeed very convenient for users to find what they need. Therefore, to improve the conversion rate, layout is very important.

second: the loading speed of the website is

There are many factors that affect the loading speed of

. The server is one, and the size of the page file is also one of them. Besides, it is the efficiency of the program execution. You, you are willing to wait for one to 1 minutes to open the page? I think not, at least I am, I click on a web page, if it let me wait a minute are not open, I will not hesitate to turn it off. So, from the server’s side, the solution is to select the server with the best speed. And the size of the page file, we can solve this way:

a, the web page code streamline). For example, don’t write a lot of CSS code in each page head, the CSS codes are written to separate CSS files, so the CSS style of each page will not call every time a request to the server, only one time after loading, after the page will directly call the local cache in the CSS file, not only reduce the burden on the server, but also "to reduce the file size, more is the speed of the page load faster. Then the CSS code can also be reduced, such as four margin control model, the normal way: margin-top:10px; margin-right:5px; margin-bottom:8px; margin-left:10px; we can.

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