Talk about some experiences of Forum promotion

I have done my website for some time, and many sites compared, the forum is the most difficult to do, once done, sticky, and do better than expected to live Baidu. General site station SEO, continue to increase the chain station, "whether it is their own hair or grab the first volume, a basic station get over a thousand days IP is very easy, to do a forum, unless you do porn forum, or a few months are hundreds of loyal members, this is the effect good.

recently, the campus network, happy net is not raised, suddenly fire up, they caught a little break, probably the vast majority of people are the 2 website is only interested in playing time, the interest will not go, but they are left to rest on the part is very large the. Well, do not say they are, say we are small forums, how to develop it?.

is a general way, we must also see too many posts, I will not say, just say a new I soon see a way, the concept of this forum is very good (at least I think so), this forum is public, all join in the website can be used, all join the development of the website member in this system, so your membership is shared, which is the 100 joined the site within 1 days without a website pulled 10 member registration, then a total of 1000 members, 1000 members each have joined the site, which is equal to you. Site one day pulled 1000 members, of course, these members don’t necessarily want to look at your site, but they brought you to the traffic, 10 people can all go, 1000 people will have a legacy, such membership will be Easy to develop.

what kind of website is suitable for using this membership system? It has no need for forming forums. What you need is the following website:

one, the website does not have forum, simple information class, such stickiness is bad, cannot leave a person, can rely on search engine to live only.

two, there are forums, but it is too difficult to develop, active members, cats, cats, two or three, there is no forum.

three, the new station, new station is not good for you to join the tiny but adventitious quantity.

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