Small and medium sized Witkey task type website analysis focus on industry segmentation users

Witkey wit English Witkey is the key of wisdom, key composed of two words, is the The key of wisdom abbreviation, is refers to through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people, they resolved on the Internet through science, technology, work, life, learning in to let the knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills reflect the economic value. In simple terms, Witkey means someone who sells his intangible assets (intelligence and creativity) on the Internet and gets paid. Whether any person has their own expertise and are proficient in some industries, some of which are familiar with the Internet be able to freely use network applications, their knowledge, wisdom, experience, in order to solve the problem in the form of "sell" to those in need of help enterprises or individuals. Witkey has sprung up on the Internet, and websites for Witkey tasks have also sprung up on the internet.


Witkey task site dedicated to helping employers (SMEs and individuals) outside the main business (project design, website development, and translation services) completed to find suitable workers reasonable, the price is usually half of the traditional price, and create jobs for the majority of social idle labor. Through the Internet for businesses and individuals to save unnecessary costs, using the network platform to open and interactive rapid spread characteristics of resources and technology makes reasonable allocation for employers to increase efficiency of solving the problem, provides a way to earn money for the expertise of people who accept the task. The reward for a Witkey task the most dynamic website, through the Witkey website, large enterprises to design logo, for the children to personal name, the reward for all can obtain satisfactory results, but also because people accept the task reward and stimulate the expertise and creativity, realize the value of a person.

Witkey mode, in addition to absorb a large amount of dispersion polymerization of wisdom, to create more wealth, more is to provide a new mode of Witkey marketing for enterprises and individuals, let Witkey just online, become a kind of marketing mode, the founder of Witkey concept Liu Feng said. He said: "the Witkey marketing is to enable users to understand the company’s products in the interaction, knowledge, interest, reward, accept the products and enterprises in the subtle, do not care whether the task task is released with clear results, he only cares about his business through activities are spread out in the online Xuan; but the field of work tasks publishers need to have clear results, such as an enterprise need to design a registered trademark."

is also due to the rise of Witkey Witkey website on the Internet plays a huge role and development, but also for other new sites under WEB2..0, there are also some such as the profit model is not clear, the crowded market saturation, competition homogenization increased the crux of the website. Witkey is a huge market, but many people still stay in Witkey, just to help people named the design of logo illusion. At present, the Internet industry is becoming increasingly fragmented

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