When micro blog meets online shop how to make micro blog realize the word of mouth effect of the sh

many people have said that now the shop is more and more well done, and investment funds are also more and more, although the free open shop, but the shop decoration, product promotion, enhance the online reputation and praise of the investment funds are more and more, especially related to online marketing, you need to spend a lot of free method time, charging method, price is not necessarily high! All affect the enthusiasm of the

shop manager operation!

but with micro-blog’s marketing function more and more powerful, the combination of micro-blog and store operations are becoming more and more obvious, through word-of-mouth marketing effect of micro-blog, it is easy to shop out of word-of-mouth marketing, but micro-blog marketing of the road is not easy, at least to many details that need attention, the author will analyze the online marketing needs three points, attention to details by micro-blog


1: Construction of multi account micro-blog, as a basis to build a snowball effect


with the real name system, the possibility of a person look with multiple micro-blog accounts is almost zero, in micro-blog, the marketing method simply by replacing the vest forum to heighten popular posts, micro-blog seems impossible, although micro-blog is not able to achieve a multi account, but we can mobilize around friends, if they do not love the Internet, then you can borrow their ID card to apply for micro-blog, so we can obtain the original micro-blog


has its own free control of micro-blog account, you can on this basis, release some of the shop product, and then mobilize their hands several micro-blog account to conduct interactive marketing, let micro-blog own looks more active, so that it can affect other users on your micro-blog! You reprint the micro-blog content, micro-blog fans formed a snowball effect, let micro-blog account inside short time to get more


two: let micro-blog account become authoritative, in the name of shop operators micro-blog

with fans more and more micro-blog account, then these fans, which is our main marketing goal? This time we have to do the screening work of micro-blog fans, at the same time, the authority to enhance the image of his shop micro-blog is very important, logo created micro-blog account, with the name of the shop, at the same time micro-blog account official description, while micro-blog’s content inside, should be appropriate to a serious tone to that shop official micro-blog account opened, and began to accept part of the customer service work related to the


the micro-blog account inside the content to give people the feeling is very serious, but as a micro-blog account to marketing their own shop, serious operation micro-blog account certainly can not last long, when appropriate to online customer service personnel in the shop on the official tone micro-blog released some interesting content, caused by the interaction between the fans at the same time, also can further find really useful to hisshop fans!

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