Grassroots webmaster we use what capital to bring traffic to the site

China Internet after nearly 20 years of development, it can be said from the beginning is not mature now become mature; netizens from more than 10 years ago to now hundreds of millions of people, ordinary people, the number of Internet users reached 600 million. It can be said that today’s Internet market capacity is huge, it can be said that the prospects are bright. Similarly, the number of information providers with the development of the number of Internet users is synchronous, twenty-first Century domestic sites can be used to describe the scanty information provider, is the founder of the site are generally Internet pioneer and industry leader. Since the increasing number of information providers to enter after twenty-first Century, especially after 2005 with the computer especially the development of WEB technology, the release of various open source web application to the Internet, to build a part of ordinary people personal information publishing platform is becoming more and more simple, so that now the number of domestic active sites to the millions of many. It can be said that in the streets of the city, among the dozens of casual people, perhaps one person has his own independent website.

Of course,

is now building a website of their own platform, increasing the threshold is low, so today you can not because they have an independent website said he is an Internet person, because most of us independent website is not big enough. Using the 80 principles of management, that is, 20% of the website occupies 80% of the Internet market, but for the Internet, may be far more than 80%, or even more than 90%. Many webmaster so we have our own independent website especially personal webmaster can only be called the Internet grassroots, and cannot be called the Internet; the latter is to do a special appellation of successful people in the Internet, and now our efforts is to can be called the Internet people".

I believe all grassroots engaged in Internet motivation is nothing more than to one or more of the following three situations: first, in order to improve their lives, hope that through the Internet second, Denver; I love the Internet, want to realize their dreams in the Internet; third, to civilians and Internet information transmission fast etc. the characteristics and let more people know and respect yourself. Regardless of whether the implementation of one or more of these had enough success, and the criterion of success is nothing more than a website to earn money, good reputation, website website user and more active and so on; all this is fundamentally flow with the flow have you realized the foundation of these. Why stand most of the grassroots Internet practitioners only access to one of very few to harvest it, because we are not really play I can do, just don’t understand what the capital can bring traffic. Today I would like to share with you, I think we grassroots can bring traffic to their website capital.

first, we love our web site more than the corporate big web site. Mention this point many friends may feel a little hypocritical, but in fact. You can think about it, whether we work as a grass root webmaster on the Internet, no matter what you’re all

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