5944 worst service technology DC

5944 must have many webmaster in the use of their free space, there are many like me when they use VIP webmaster. Their free space is very popular, of course, this is not for a long time. They only sell a way. Now the free space is often called stop, reason you apply for VIP, or with their advertising services. So VIP is not what they buy, not much money, but the service quality is poor, the phone is not unattended, or call you. He’s out of the question to the door to a complaint, service personnel and their I say they have much room, how many employees, that I do not understand why so many people, why not 24 hours hotline! So many people why a problem nobody. You make money, nobody answered For you, did not pay ebullience and your QQ. is more hateful if you have problems in the 201 server, normally within 2 hours, maintenance is not good to the customer should change the server, they can say, we recommend that you open a VIP to transfer data in the past. Otherwise, the money is not many who! Why do you call the problem in customer money! Www.5944.net please carefully before using study well, the company has no network license. This is the use of a little experience. I must China more on this station in operation, really nobody, nobody sanctions

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