ALEXA ranked more my website can play what role

now, let’s take a look at the website. We’ll look at its rankings on ALEXA regularly. If HAO123 is not in the 25 place around the world, I don’t think Baidu will buy it either. What’s the use of ALEXA,


for non commercial sites, ranking role:

1, meet the virtual heart

2, if someone wants to advertise on your website, Alexa ranking is an important basis for charging. (usually ranking is very high, will be someone looking for you into a small amount of advertising, it is necessary to earn some money.


for business sites, ranking is more important:

1 is one of the basis for advertising fees.

2, one of the criteria for evaluating the value of a web site (if you want to resell a domain name or website later)

3, a story of news hype.

4, an important method of monitoring competitors closely. (for your competitors website, do you go to see his traffic and ranking changes every day?. In addition to Alexa it, in other words, only Alexa can tell you the answer. When a competitor’s traffic has mutated, it must have been put into advertising or added a search somewhere.


so I value Alexa! I have to use Alexa every day! I thank Alexa!


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