Analysis of the new year grassroots webmaster will face several major difficulties

last week, I took stock in 2009 grassroots Adsense ten news, detailed inventory of the Internet, what has happened and grassroots webmaster closely related, affecting people’s events news, review the past, looking forward to the future. 09 years have passed, history has turned a new leaf, 2010 has arrived. Maybe in 09 years at the beginning, no webmaster can expect 09 years of the last few months of the Internet will be through such a "catastrophe" grassroots webmaster have such a big loss, with such pessimism, meet in 2010. But at the beginning of 2010, grassroots webmaster can predict that this Internet "havoc" or change will continue, in this "no smoke" of the war, the individual webmaster will continue to face many difficulties. It seems that the first few days of the year are calm, but this often signals the coming of more storms. Therefore, the webmaster should be fully prepared to meet the new year, the new test, let us take inventory of the new year, grassroots webmaster will face what difficulties?.

earnings difficult

personal website has been difficult to profit is the main reason to do stand, technology is not the biggest obstacle to the success of the webmaster, Adsense roadblocks will hinder the success is not a viable long-term profit model. Last year, the first "personal webmaster survival Chinese report" issued, the survey shows that 60% of the individual owners (individual operation construction site, not the company website) has been profitable, the profitability of the main way for electronic commerce and service charge membership fees, the average monthly income of 2661 yuan, and the most profitable types of Web sites and industry respectively. Is the electronic commerce website and the automotive industry. There are 40% individual stationmaster no earnings data show that the average monthly income of the owners profit but also the average level of traditional industries, but the company can work and promotion and salary raise, the webmaster want more money is not so easy.

personal Adsense profitable way is mainly advertising Union and other display advertising. Selling products and having their own fees and services is, after all, a minority. Advertising unit price is the main reason for personal Adsense can not earn money. Although fraudulent advertising can bring some benefits to the webmaster in the short run, the biggest victim of fraud advertising is a personal webmaster for a long time. Now, with the tightening of policies, all kinds of illegal advertising unions and small advertising alliances will be destroyed, and the poor advertising alliance will make it harder for the owners to make money. However, the Chinese Internet advertising market is not really mature, with the re shuffle of the market and Internet content remediation, advertising Union will be more standardized, the owners insist, there must be a return. In addition, the webmaster active transformation and upgrading, and strive toward e-commerce, industry website direction development, bigger products and services, there will be more advertisers initiative to find you.

charging difficult

in Chinese to charge users simply prohibitively difficult, from the operating system to the music, film and television, China Internet users have become accustomed to free download things from the internet. It seems that Chinese Internet users have formed the Internet, that is, free thinking. Although online games can be used >

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