20 days new station how to get 1000P a day was included

Hello, we all want to in Baidu and GG with a good keywords ranking, today I say how fast the keyword ranking to the first page of GG and Baidu, spend less time, update frequency and amount of labor is very small, advocate happy station.


this article is an experience and experience, mainly for some want to the railway station, about 1000 IP in more than 30 days a friend thought and reference, only this, I do stand I have two before planning to consider:

first: the program (code search optimization) and the interface (Design – user experience) should be as concise and beautiful as possible.

second: be sure to be convenient (to yourself – update to be simple – try to implement automatic updates), to the user (browse to facilitate).

now I stop the beauty Show customers every day automatically update 7 articles (remember: quality and quantity), which is to ensure the update frequency of the convenience of their own, so do stand into a happy thing, rather than looking for resources, copy, paste and other boring repetitive work.


: first, make a good name for your website. It’s difficult to start everything. It’s very difficult to make a website head. Do the following two tasks.

secondly: after you’ve done the above, I’ll check it again and again, analyze it from the user’s point of view, and analyze it from the point of view of the search engine. Finally, to remind you to write the above code, please try not to modify, this time to save 3 months.

then, 5 minutes a day for 5 consecutive days, a total of 200-300 articles were collected. The acquisition will see justice related topics at the beginning of this advice, because I am a picture stand, many of the pictures above have their own watermark, how to do this, it is actually very simple, it can be very convenient for you to remove a watermark called "E network database watermarking killing tools", and automatically add a new watermarking, their search.

again: carefully adjust the page page chain, similar to about us, contact us, and all the people stand above the site map of some of these pages, do well, do fine, as far as possible to increase the chain, can be registered in all the blogs, forums, discussion, surging, to leave your mark.

: in addition to carefully adjust the web page template, to control its size below 30K, the picture home all, not all can be identified, such as flash, JS.PIC. and other notes to search, organize column page and content page title, keywords and description, to ensure that they can out of the ordinary in the home uniform under the banner of the site template need concise, user interface design, the design of search engine is the code.

finally: look at your station every day, your words, your user base, your IP, your PV, and pay attention to the construction of PV, in essence, pay attention to the user experience. < >

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