Do personal feelings of standing for 6 months

1, insist, do stand for at least 3 months, this is my personal experience, of course, less than 1 years you can not see the traffic, I now flow from YAHOO and GOOGLE. Also, although after a GOOGLE drop right, but for the moment, the content is too few believe that along with the increase in content and original increase, ranking will be improved, and we do not have to worry about, a new station right down again how? The flow is not reduced to hundreds of thousands, but dozens of dropped to single digits, ha ha, I’m not afraid to do their own thing.

2, don’t put the station when the occupation, the network is not dare to enter amidst the winds of change, I have no capital, you may be the expert, can not be compared, I think to do their thing, have a stable job, do stand as an ideal, a hobby, and not to "love" give up work, let the "hobby" into your work, then the most painful thing is so, however, the most painful thing is your hobby when working, but found a few months ago or one year, it does not give you wages.

3, use DEDE or SW66, I have considered this problem, as long as you use a, don’t change, why? Is the generation of static security, no problem as long as CMS, ASP or PHP can be manually changed, adding one day ASP thoroughly, then the HTML page can also be retained on the site, the new generation DEDE new HTML, so that the coexistence of 1-2 years, until the new Baidu HTML included almost, you then delete PowerEasy HTML too late, although this approach seems very troublesome, but I think it can only do so, after all the naming rules the different

4, do not go to see statistical code every day, less than 100IP a day to see a little bit of useless, it is better to do the content.

5, cherish today’s free environment. I want you to understand this sentence, yesterday SP may not break the law, the action is slow, today is illegal; yesterday is not what the "vulgar" regulation, do today is too late; may be crazy pop yesterday, but Taobao brother did what you do will be intercepted a 360. So, friends, if you have an idea, do it quickly, and don’t do it. You never know you can do it! Please keep

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