How do know the site has been punished by Baidu

should first make sure your website is completely blocked or just ranked down. or search directly:, if you are sure that all pages on your website have disappeared from the search engine database, the possible reason is

A., the server on your site is unstable and is temporarily removed by Baidu. After stability, the problem will be resolved,

B., your content is not in accordance with national laws and regulations of the place,

C., your web page does not conform to the user’s search experience, or has been detected serious cheating, was blocked

D. other technical issues

if your page ranking drops from the first page to the next ten pages, then there may be some suspicious signs on your website that have been penalized by

A., so first check the export link and link to other sites suspected of cheating. Did you link the site to

or not?Is the

B. website overly optimized, such as keyword selection, title tag writing, keyword location density, site structure, and so forth?. But if you put all these skills into use, it’s not too far from the problem. Over optimization is often the main reason for rankings being punished. There is a degree of the problem, which is appropriate to do optimization, which is the degree of excessive optimization, only rely on the experience to master. If you are in the optimization will comfort yourself, "this should be all right", it means that I’m afraid something soon,

C. has a large number of cross links, many webmasters will have many websites at the same time, and cross links between these sites, which is likely to lead to problems. A person has four or five websites, you can understand, but if the forty or fifty sites, each site is not big, quality is not high, but also linked to each other, this is suspicious.

D. other cheating methods: check carefully, have you used hidden pages? Have you sent a lot of spam links?

in the examination of these, can’t cheat yourself, in the website with what means, only the webmaster himself most clearly, outsiders are difficult to see at once.

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