How do small and medium sized websites solve the problems in website operation

in recent years, the rise of electricity providers, too many people want to get a share, mainly including some just graduated, carries the dream of entrepreneurship of college students, many e-commerce sites appear as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, and then there are numerous electricity supplier website continued to collapse. So today we’ll talk about the topic of Web site operators, maybe your site does not have superhuman strength, but as the station how to maintain long-term profit? Let’s explore small sites in the operation of the problem.

site construction is not standardized, resulting in user experience is not good,

some small station will be extended online site process is very simple, online to find a fixed template, good will do simple modifications, and then on the line. Such sites are often lack of user experience, the site has not formed its own style, but more important is the site optimization, because initially did not pay attention to this, in the construction of the chain of late, website content update and other aspects are very convenient. The correct site construction process should be the first to do keyword mining, determine the overall site target keywords and long tail keywords, and set up the station outside the station and set the link specification, URL specification, title, description, keywords standard. Some web sites are even browser compatibility problems have not been resolved, or the site is open super slow speed, which in the final analysis is the user experience problems.


Firefox plug-in HTML Validator can help solve browser compatibility issues.

team management loose, lack of executive ability,

mode of operation of small workshops led to the site operations team in the division of labour is not reasonable, early may do a detailed plan, but do 100% tasks are assigned to supervise the execution is very difficult, some inefficient team even 50% also difficult to complete, and this will inevitably lead to the initial target at. So the difference between a big company and a small team is the difference in management ability.

promotional lack of sustained


team may do some network promotion plan carefully, may be due to the problem of capital chain, or is the lack of effective communication channels, and ultimately cop-out hastily. Large billboards, the price is relatively high, most of the small team can get promotion way is likely to distribute leaflets and put up posters, and in this way only brand name will be implanted into the brains of people, it is difficult to establish the brand trust, which requires effective follow-up, perhaps it is a promotion, perhaps a propaganda lectures. Some teams will be able to take into account all the publicity methods are taken into account, while ignoring the funding problems, a lot of early foreshadowing work done, there will be no funds to support after recruiting.

profit model is not good enough,

looking to the international and domestic, bigger and stronger power >

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