Demand analysis of nternet community of nternet users

The demand of

Internet users is the foundation of Internet innovation. Under the background of Internet socialization, the demand of Internet users keeps pace with the times, so as to carry out a framework discussion on the demand of Internet users in this context.

1. Change in access to information

Internet in the society before the Internet users access to information content is the way to visit the major portals, forums and through search engines, users need to obtain active access to information content. Where information is usually valuable, web sites are pooled. At this point, the website’s competitive advantage is content and channels, control the two elements, basically mastered the Internet users resources.

After the rise of RSS, Facebook and micro-blog, the ways of obtaining information for

users have changed. Internet users only need to pay attention to the information sources of interest, and they can receive various kinds of information. Internet users do not have to run for information, just set a good source of information, you can wait for information to flow in front of your own screen. From the Internet users passively move around the information, and to the information organization around the Internet users, this is a major way to obtain information evolution.


two, the relevance of information

Under the socialization of

, Internet users are the producers, disseminators and users of information, and the status of "three in one". In an information content, users have their own perspective on the interpretation, and may in the form of comments or forwarding performance, so an information how many people involved, there are many of the interpretation of information attached to the information, the original information is an introduction, which after the long chain of information derived extended information. For Internet users, what they see is the information system that contains this original information.


through social search engine, users can search the information and review information source (author), when users are not satisfied with the existing information, but also can find the author in-depth exchanges, get more information.

three, the information needs of Internet users

socialization provides a wide range of information, and information can be automatically displayed before the Internet screen, and ultimately show that users can easily access a large number of related information. The information is re organized around the Internet users.

After the release of

deny the famine of the micro-blog in the people’s daily Gansu bureau chief Lin Zhibo, a short span of 2 days, the relevant information to the ground Zhong, history data, survey of local history, the reporter, later recalled, the findings of the scholars, Lin Zhibo Cayenne, restaurants, marriage, academic fraud, phase the association is thick position and other information automatically jump to micro-blog before, and I did not take the initiative to search the information. The series’s information is still being updated.


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