How to effectively add external links to your web site

The benefit of

external links is not how much direct access you can give your site, but rather that it allows search engines to include more of your web pages. According to authoritative survey, 80% of the world’s Web site, their access to 70%-90% is from the search engine, therefore, let the search engine included more web pages, is to improve the number of visits to the site the most effective way. Link popularity, that is, links to the site’s number of sites, is the search engine rankings to consider a very important factor. Therefore, high-quality external links are conducive to the promotion of search engine rankings.

first talk about the definition of external links: external links, referred to as the outer chain, also known as reverse links, that is, other web links to their own site links.

below to introduce to you the method of increasing external links.

one, find ways to find your relatives and friends to help. Ask them in their own site with your site links, but you don’t have in your station and their link to do so, because this kind of one-way links, compared with Links, the effect will be better.


two, Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines to search your site’s theme, (for example, I do see is the webmaster Statistics website traffic statistics, you can search the site webmaster statistics, statistics and other keywords) and then find the top-ranking website, the website of the query links (backlinks, such as query my site is Baidu, Google and then contact the front rank with the link to your website to exchange links, if you can do the one-way links, the effect will be better. This may require some money.

three, released soft: if you have the time and ability to write articles, you can according to the station’s theme, write some soft Wen (bring your station, URL) and then released to some weight high community website, when you only need to Baidu next update these sites, this article will be included, outside the chain it also increased. If your article does have some value, but also makes some people reprint your article, so that your station will increase a lot of the chain. This method is indeed a good way, but your writing level is very demanding.

four, add personalized signature, in the personalized signature of the BBS, add your website keyword links. And then more replies, multiple posts. Every time you send a topic post or reply, it will increase your link, which is also likely to become the chain, but it will take time. Please be patient.

five, blogging. Go to some search engines, update the fast portal community, open blog, and then add articles. Be sure to remember to add articles, links to your station, keywords, links, and so on. This method is not urgent, not a day to open N blog, the best one to two weeks, and always remember to update.


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