How to make community website live new home do community promotion a few misunderstandings

nail website, pet supplies website, community service website…… With the socialization of Internet marketing become mainstream, many webmasters increasingly pay attention to the development of local resources, the site construction vision to localization, community. The U.S. group, public comment, Baidu rice network, is located in the local community, since the Internet giants are the value of this field, then sitting on the local advantages of the owners, the community area is subdivided, the formation of brand reputation, will bring good returns for the website.


however, many owners have this kind of idea, but not to implement it, the reason is very simple, to the development of the Internet today, almost every industry has someone doing, for later say, has lost the advantage and First impressions are strongest, group purchase website with O2O as the core, can see their push the figure in almost every corner of the city, some of the local service industry cooperation and love the web site, and users will love to browse in the web site, which will undoubtedly make the webmaster shilly-shally. In fact, if you hold the fear the wolf in front and the mentality to do community website, it is difficult to make a site with improvement, so, face some misunderstanding community website promotion, how to solve the webmaster


started late, it doesn’t matter, to find opponent weakness,


community is the most densely populated area, especially in the two or three tier cities. The community has increased dramatically, while the related facilities have not been improved. If we see business opportunities, we should act immediately. Of course, in this brainstorming network era, there will always be people in front of us, our eyes do not just look at those networks to promote cattle, after all, such people are few. Many people see business opportunities to the business, if not properly means, not persist, also failed.

the Internet is an opportunity, and the times create heroes. For example, in the new community as an example, most of them are young people, the catering industry, the entertainment industry is relatively developed, and after a few years, these young people gradually entered middle age, then, related industry, and other industries will be pregnant baby nursery market, if the development of twenty years, so the demand will change if you do, direct service to the elderly website in a new community, estimates very difficult to pick up, however, insist to do, it may not succeed. The key is to grasp the pain points and needs of the community, even if the opponent to do, they may not be large, including the U.S. group, public comment, glutinous rice nets of these sites, there are also disadvantages, will receive weaknesses into strengths, which is based on the fundamental.

site on-line, but also promoted, and I did not imagine the perfect

this is also a common misunderstanding of community websites for novices. We do not deny the mentality of eager for quick success and instant benefit. No casual success, Tencent in the bottleneck of the development of a little bit one million selling point, and Ma Yun when doing Alibaba, also once frustrated from Beijing back to Hangzhou…… And many beginners see others

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