Hotel website 100P monthly revenue 2000


website for a few years, people began to build a website, just to get promotion, but did not know they point out what the website, classified information station, station, station, part-time advertising stations are engaged in basic novels has not persist, flash or a few years will have passed, although the overall feel belongs to the network but has no root, has been unstable.

took a chance this year to build a hotel booking site for a client, whose website is mainly engaged in Hotel reservations. During the construction period is studied at the station of the hotel’s profit model, found that there are several general models, one is the hotel’s own website, this is not much to say; two is the hotel intermediary, now like Ctrip, eLong, the same way mainly is such a pattern, have their own call center and customer service staff. We cannot do this long station; three is the league, eLong, the same way they actually are doing alliance, registered their accounts directly to the hotel to order and query their address, then the actual transaction to the commission.

now small and medium-sized webmaster used third methods to achieve profitability in 5 months, I built my own a hotel booking website also tried in the Seven Days Hotel Chain, hotel, Seven Days Hotel Chain is the new hotel chain up, visibility is relatively high, the price is not wrong, and Seven Days Hotel Chain are mostly rely on the network to to do marketing, so it is selected as the theme to make reservation rate will be relatively high. Behind the practice and my idea is very consistent, although the average daily traffic only Jishibailai IP, but the conversion rate is very high, sometimes every success for several single, is Jishibaiba block, although not earn what money, but also a month at least the 2000+ is no problem.

personally, I think the hotel website should pay attention to a few points:

1, the page is recommended to hotel reservations as the main, do not cross too many other irrelevant content, so that visitors feel more professional.

The content of

2, the hotel website for the public to Internet users, affordable, safe and comfortable hotel is estimated to be most vulnerable to everyone’s favorite type of hotel, hotel chains, hotel Econo Hotel is the Internet crowd preferred site naturally around this kind of hotel construction content;

3, website optimization and promotion, this little said, we all understand, no visit, nothing,

4, website conversion rate, this is very important, I said here is nothing, observe the user access path, analyzing the users’ habits and preferences, the modification and adjustment of the structure of the site, designed to increase your turnover rate.

The accuracy of

5, the price of the hotel, the importance of this is directly related to your conversion rate, to the trust of customers, accurate hotel prices are important, the hotel price changes frequently, with the program or manual. In fact it is one hour a day is enough, adhere to adhere to, actually a little bit also every day "

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