Local talent county level city to maintain

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has written a course and thought about my local talent network. It was written in June 07, and the website was established in April. Time is a look back even after nearly a year.

sets up the website www.zcjobs.cn to give an identity and a review of the year.

website, this domain name, origin and so on have already said before, this time only said other aspects of


1. is the so-called top 100 counties and cities, it is regrettable that the development of the network here is still lagging behind. So last April, when the site was released, no effort was made to reach the first or second in most key keywords. The first is the government’s personnel network.

2. like me, the main energy in other aspects of the site, but think that the local site promising, and with the idea of local accounts produced a local portal or classification industry, the site should be very much.

this site would not be able to do much, because the starting point is only the "place", no professional staff to operate, not specifically to advertise or do any work, can do a link at other stations on their own, make weight.

3. advantage is that many job seekers or enterprises to search the site after coming in, there will be a part of the choice of registration, publish job search or recruitment information. Then does not appear due to a long time does not update the site caused by Baidu weight reduction.

4. unfortunately, the exchange of the industry is too small, of course, may be due to me, when he stood a little scale, lost the initiative to exchange, exchange and communication desire.

5. laziness is the biggest obstacle to progress. Time spent at night, no time to make the site better,


6. program on a set of asp+mssql source code on the Internet, the apparent error and safety revised, as function is intact, and this set of procedures are too old in function, and other aspects of the poor performance of seo.


7. in order to occupy the place, but there are fees illusion, although there are enterprises to contact payment, but no invoice led to failure. As a result of the registration of enterprises, there are fees and free two channels, leading to part of the registration fee to the path. Unable to publish information.

as a result of the emergence of a city talent network, because some people want to buy 300-500 of my poor Zhucheng recruitment network, it is, and began to prepare for this station,

for the above problems, will modify the program, the current hot spot to do more updates, remove the charging function.

in addition, of course, please contact us at any size or size network. If you are sincere, please contact M>

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