2010 travel website operation keyword joint operation

with the arrival of 2010, now the Internet is full of analysis on 2009 and 2010 summary of the trend, so we at this time is 2010 tourism site operators to do a simple analysis and description, we will talk about "the practical application of joint operations in the tourism website in.

1. What is joint operation


, the so-called joint operation, I just searched through Baidu and Google, and didn’t find a complete definition, so I’ll share my understanding and blow here:

joint operation is a kind of website operation method that maximizes the use of network resources and integrates them so as to better operate their own websites.

on the site of joint operations at the same time we also have to mention here in 2010 whether the tourism integrated marketing, website or other websites will be the integration of resources, who can integrate the resources and effective utilization, so that he could succeed in 2010.

two, why do joint operations,


want to know why we have to combine operations, we can here to the golden road travel agency website as an example to illustrate the joint operation can bring benefits to the site, see the following analysis:

1. joint operation is the effective integration of network resources;

2. Golden Road Travel Agency official website is at the end of 09 was on the line focus Macao hotel reservation and travel around service one-stop vertical electronic commerce website, the website at the beginning of the unknown, but do not want to talk about what order, but by carrying out joint operations with other websites, the website every day dozens of successful orders, become a online hotel Macao hotel reservation field influential booking website.

3. joint operation, with the help of other people’s success to help themselves quickly go on the road to success, you can save time, cost, labor costs and so on.

three, tourism website how to carry out joint operation

passed in front of the joint operation of the concept as well as the benefits to carry out joint operations to explain, you also want to use their own methods of joint operations to try to operate its own website, the following will introduce several common patterns of joint operations (in the hotel booking website for example):

1, and search engine joint operation:

, for example, buy Hotel keywords in Baidu and Google, so that potential customers can quickly access to your hotel introduction and booking page by searching for a business key.

2, and the industry website or portal travel channel cooperation:

for example, on the 163 tour channel, there is a hotel ticket booking inquiry interface on the right of your home page. Then, if you can provide hotel reservation information in a certain area, you can combine with 163 travel channels

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