Beauty chat station keywords recovered after

this morning, I open the beauty chat station as usual, check the website, chat with the key words, beautiful girls, video chat, video chat, the whole search. I’m in a hurry. Although this station has not how to maintain, but also can bring me 1000 yuan of income every month, do not want to lose it. Then I site domain name, URL is still there. Direct search domain name is also in, and then check the small flow of keywords, and not completely disappeared. This proves that Baidu does not have K my station, but K some important keywords.

through the search engine to understand, Baidu K keyword, there are several reasons: first, keyword accumulation density is too big, two is friendship link problems, three is revision, change Title caused. Four is the domain name pointing question.

for these reasons, I worked out a plan:

1: website overall revision, Title Keyword repeated removed. Delete the superfluous keywords from the description.

two: remove unsafe links, and suddenly remove the four stations of friendship links.

three: I originally have four CN domain name all point to this website, now all also delete these four domain name jump.

to around 9, Baidu fine tune, ha, keyword all back.

beauty chat, first page,

beauty video chat, third pages,

video chat, eighth pages,

although a different degree of a page, but finally come back, still worth celebrating.

then site a bit, or the original snapshot, according to common sense, modify the title will lead to drop the right, and replaced the original web template.


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