Service is the king of Web survival

has stood for nearly 3 years, countless times to give up, sober up, and confused ^^^^^^

maybe, this is the only way for the stationmaster. Hold on to where the road is and don’t stick to the road. Where


used to walk from the garbage station to the regular station, and now he wants to walk back to the garbage station, but he can’t walk again..

development of a website easier said than done


in the past, the flow is equal to cash, and now placed in the garbage station, it is estimated that the efficiency of conversion may be only 1%, and hard to grasp the flow of the times has passed,

a few days ago, with successful people on the network chat, view the current network of the sea, agree without prior without previous consultation, everywhere can find similar sites, even the recent fire to video sites, SNS community, and who can survive? Oh my view is: who do good, who will live in this! The WEB2.0 service is very broad, focusing on the user experience, user experience is a kind of service, good experience, customers will bring people to purchase desire, website credibility, is a kind of service, mail surveys, telephone greetings, but also a service! The key is service, service, service is the site the survival of the king! Of course, include the line service, good service, will bring to the web site reputation, reputation is very important, in fact, really do stand, it is a very good reputation in local network. Station is more important,

(the team) and operates its own website has been almost 3 years, is still not profitable, going to give up. Summed up the preliminary planning, the overall planning website is not good, not good, more important is that students’ operation, service is not good! Tired, tired, should continue? In fact, a a perfect team, talent is the most important, complementary, think! Just write ABC, not a good team…

…In fact, the real

, a web site, the planning stage is far more important than late, at this station, because no pre planned, later led to large revision two times, now it seems, is still not good planning, model is still not clear… But… This process, the programming ability, and architecture the data structure has a lot of progress, sparked interest in programming, said data frame, if possible, you should use a system of data architecture framework of data structure, the website to write. Especially large sites, because a good system of data architecture, at least you can code more than half of the province


is currently posted the site, the purpose of view, there are no capable people want to buy the site

individuals are looking for the ASP team to develop the program together. (affirms: at present it is a student, can graduate next time this year, so can only do part time for one year!)

had talent network, campus information station, station information classification, DIG program.

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