The future and future of the navigation station are still bright with innovation

recently, the topic of navigation station has become more and more. This seems to be related to two domain names, and The former is Taobao’s recently launched navigation station, which is Baidu’s launch of another hao123 sister station. And before this, Baidu completely stopped and site navigation site promotion cooperation, between before and after seems to be a little connection, it seems that the navigation station muddy water is still someone stirring. In addition to hao123, 2345, 265, 114la, navigation station almost occupy most of the market share of the market for navigation, grassroots webmaster, navigation station seems to be a rotten in the hands of the garbage station, no traffic, but also the lack of means of profit. However, grassroots webmaster nor will certainly not eat this cake, Amoy navigation station, this year is the last year of the group purchase navigation, navigation station new mode emerged, many owners also benefited, now we have not expected to reproduce a hao123, but it can be innovative in navigation mode do, a small but dedicated navigation station, and the money is still a bright future.

below, we will analyze the current navigation stations have what mode, I hope to enlighten you.

1, and the site navigation station, the station actually like hao123, 256, 114la’s success has a lot of people in the research and promotion mode, is nothing more than the bundled software, viral, purchase flow, has many methods, but for the small owners is too difficult, because the market has been saturated, I do not suggest that you enter into the field, have yet to recover as soon as possible exit.

2, local navigation, almost every large and medium-sized city will have many local stations, which provides local navigation station web site resources. But the local navigation station to success must have some basic conditions, the first is the web site resources network developed city because of cyber source rich, various types of Web sites have a variety of high-quality, innovative web site there, so as to enrich the local navigation station, so as not to make navigation company website quality too poor, not as many columns appear vacant seats. The second is the basis of the masses, not the number of Internet users is enough to bring large flow, in addition users active degree also determines your place navigation station can recommend to you the site how much traffic, if Internet users only the largest local community website, and other types of sites are not interested in your navigation station is no longer necessary. Due to the limitations of local navigation stations, appropriate regional information publishing platform, regional enterprises, yellow pages and so on, will help enrich the content of local navigation stations. Such as Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian navigation navigation navigation, Xiamen navigation, integrated local and national well-known Web site navigation, provides a very comprehensive service for local users, because the local navigation features, also brings more stable local advertisers favor for the web site.

3, industry navigation, we say that the three hundred and sixty lines of line, "champion", social development so far, the industry has far more than three hundred and sixty lines

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