Webmaster along the way bitter feeling do stand in practice


tour website in March 2009, is the first top-level domain name I do website, when the site is called the establishment of Shandong tourism network, was also not what position, wanted to do a website to play, because he is a man of Hangzhou, and Hangzhou is a tourist city, so travel sites are more promising, so do the site, then do not know what SEO. Because it is the first station of their own, so the website design spent a lot of thoughts, the website template code is written by myself, because I think the interface style of a website is very important, including program selection, the final selection of the CMS empire. But after the establishment of the station site has not been what traffic, which is more easily depressed, and that time is also a person of my low tide, leaving the parents arranged for my work, because I was not interested in what the industry, his interest was always the site, and the work and the completely Never mind. But now looking for a job is not so easy to find, he is for his first job, and tell the truth he is not too much, will point "DIV+CSS code, the use of some Photoshop, so he is very confused, finally found a 1500 yuan / month, do the work but the work station a month later, the other gave up station group ideas do garbage, out of work and rest at home for nearly a month, this time to learn SEO, because SEO still feels the salary for this job is relatively high, and for each web site traffic is the lifeline, only then has the website traffic only the value, many websites, especially some of the big station, in fact, from the aesthetic aspect, it is not so, but there is traffic, so I began to subvert the previous thought, website traffic is Most importantly, art is less important than art.

SEO not only learning information, every day in the A5, stone and watch some SEO related knowledge, and some of the SEO Master Blog such as ZAC blog, including some of the old SEO data, including the early music Sishu network teaching record, I feel a big help. In fact, the real core of SEO theoretical knowledge is so difficult, but the real learning is the accumulation of practical experience, and grasp some of the details, I think these differences is also true for SEO master and novice, in fact, the theoretical knowledge of SEO Heart school, 1 to 2 months will be able to grasp the more. Do SEO accumulation.

in learning a month after the theory of SEO, wanted to find a place of combat ah, so I travel in Shandong became a target, because it is new, and I travel in Shandong this keyword, used as the primary key is still relatively rare, after all, Hangzhou is a tourist city, to this website name or a lot, including some government websites and travel service station, their content, history of the chain are better than me, so I gave up the primary key, select some other better keywords are >

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