WiFi master key sharing how do you make 6 million WeChat fans stay


WiFi master key, the WeChat public number, broke through 6 million fans in just 6 months. How come these 6 million fans, and how to retain, is now sharing the operation of dry goods.

how to turn users into public number fans

WeChat public number fans are proving difficult to grow. Some famous products WeChat operators face the boss’s question is quite helpless: "we have so many users, why WeChat fans only so few,


yes, the existing user is the most important source of WeChat fans, even if you only have 1 million users, but as long as the method is appropriate, can be converted into 10 thousand days live fans, it has great commercial value. Then the master key has 5 hundred million users, 6 months for 6 million fans, is how to do it? WiFi manneungyulsoi only a 90 beauty operator key key, through her own personal experience, about how to get 6 million fans, and how to retain these fans.

1, the product itself is the reason why users pay attention to you.

WeChat operates a lot of tricks, just as in restaurants, in order to get free Internet services, to send a small fish, or to send a variety of small gifts to attract guests attention. Is it effective? There must be some people concerned, but the proportion is definitely not high.

WiFi master key operator said, you must realize that users like your product, small fish, everyone can send, only your product characteristics are others can not provide.

The reason for the

WiFi master’s daily growth of hundreds of thousands of fans comes from several big activities based on the product itself. For example, before the release of the 3 beta activity, each user must be using WeChat to receive the activation code, advance in order to test 3.0. this one brings the users focus on more than 2 million people. The smart key team picked out a loyal group of users, helping 3 find out a lot of bug and perfect the product.

, for example, when a master key provides ChinaNet free internet access, users need access to activation code through WeChat to unlock this feature.

The advantage of

is that users can first use the latest version of the original free internet access, but also become a product supervisor, made a direct view. However, there is a certain amount of activation code release, such as every morning, evening, a fixed time, each release hundreds of activation code, and then remind you to quickly receive, the effect is very good.

2. reduces the threshold for product users to focus on the WeChat public number of products

many people find it easy to focus on WeChat fans, so many people ignore the least visible but the most important thing. Earlier, the key saw more than once fans concerned with the public key of the WiFi master key, complaining that it was difficult for them to focus on success. Tanzania.

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