Site data such as life time attention protection

Guangdong today in the early winter season is also slightly cool, windy I stood watching from the 7 floor ledge! Looking at people on the road to life. Feel the eyes is very vague, because this time the mood can not use language to describe! Just feel heart inexplicable pain, very painful, very painful…

morning or as usual to open their own website, found that a lot of garbage, initially identified as a SQL problem, I hurried to the space management background to see, MySQL gone! I know it must be finished, I searched my computer backup, but only to find a backup in September 16th

!Tens of thousands of

data, all hand an article with an earnest editing. I have never used a collection, because the acquisition of the things more unsatisfactory, look at it a few months working day and night of the day, I asked what to do, I can’t answer you who told me is a webmaster, a in the " station; bucket " stationmaster, the choice of the road I have never regretted it! If you really want to ask me why " fight " then I will answer, it is a kind of persistent, a love, a kind of impulse! For no reason just for me is a small webmaster, webmaster with love.

I think a lot, the site is like a child, we every day and night to take care to care! Website as a sweater, we do a little bit to knit! I think of my girlfriend, I thought of her nagging, always said to her published content the editor, to have the quality to make it look really comfortable! Sorry for her, a loss of data that we normally to ashes! Wish she could see this article, I hope my heart is no longer painful


did not write anything for a long time, in no clue of beating this text, it might seem tasteless. But every word is so sincere. Do not know why, when I think of the website data loss " graph king " then, using QQ to write my first time the mood was sent to him! " graph king " what to say, I told him I suddenly lost MYSQL! I am not a person, I also have a lot like me in the " " in the fight; friends, like the webmaster net friend! Every day I will come here to see this article and learning experience! Every day I was diving in the two years I did not see, from here published an article, I often want to write some what but always feel very tired…

finally say my experience, wish webmaster friends no longer heartache:

1, site data should be backed up regularly, no matter how busy you are, remember to backup it!


2, do stand with the same person, heart to do, can do better,.

3, the site does not advertising everywhere, it is easy to aesthetic tired

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