Over the past year review Webmaster gloomy policy suck

2010 has passed, the new year, for the webmaster concerned, sigh and regrets a lot. But still cannot bear to think of the past year-end summary.

BBS, a special forum site for the record filing, remote camera, the individual is no longer allowed.CN domain name registration and business website must deal with ICP SNS website, ten million registered capital threshold policies so that small owners move difficult, coupled with the recent site verification storm, IP address changes will need to re submit the request, access providers website also needs to re change for, let the webmaster scorched by the flames.

website filing is undoubtedly the heart of the webmaster pain. Because the filing system itself is too rigid and lacks flexibility, it brings a lot of inconvenience and trouble to the operation of the enterprise, and opens new websites. It is impossible to do all the formalities and data in the short run. Regulators will also put pressure on the hosting party, IDC server hosting business is therefore great pressure, because a web site does not match the qualifications of the web site, or a web site with the same server, is also commonplace.

and the final overall impact is that the total number of domain names dropped to 8 million 660 thousand, of which.CN domain name 4 million 350 thousand. The number of sites dropped to 1 million 910 thousand, and.CN to 1 million 130 thousand, accounting for 59.5% of the site. Most of the domestic webmaster will move the server overseas, resulting in the United States virtual host space into a popular choice, while the 440 thousand site disappeared. There are webmaster said, now less and less traffic, and I have three sites, or in wait-and-see, there is no way to do other things on the transition bar.

overseas server hot, this also brings domestic business opportunities for many IDC service providers. The well-known IDC Chinese nets because Gejian Sino US Dallas room with the world’s first American Dallas room, the host virtual machine business in the country ranked first. And therefore continue to be favored by small and medium-sized webmaster. At the same time, the recent launch of many preferential Strike while the iron is hot., for example: 150M America seckill, space, the price spike: 280 yuan; 350M space, the price spike: 444 yuan; the 500M JAVA host, the price spike: 444 yuan.

but at the same time, there are a number of new opportunities, micro-blog’s rapid fashion, micro-blog marketing boom also led to some of the hot web site. Buy site has become a new force in the building site, although in barbaric growth, but also allows the industry to inject fresh blood, showing a vibrant hair scene.

is once again the Internet giant, started the battle for the webmaster. This makes some webmaster flattered. Tencent, Baidu, Taobao, the three giants to kill each trick, to fight for. The Internet giant for them these "small shrimp" and was competing to win, have invited them to join their alliance.

Taobao has long been a strong start, said it will provide 1 billion yuan to 300 small and medium-sized sites. Baidu said in April 2010 that it would increase its support for small and medium-sized websites. Robin Li promised to pay for Canton in 2010

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