Review Reflections on the network recruitment practitioner for three years give friends


era is progressing and developing, and the modern technology civilization is updated every day. The Internet is the best development trend in all the developing things. The development of the Internet makes a lot of new things in people’s lives, the network recruitment is one is currently the most popular way this kind of recruitment than traditional recruitment convenience, the amount of information is more complete than the traditional way. Network recruitment in domestic enterprises, enterprises can in the shortest possible time of its own enterprise recruitment information displayed on the web page, so that candidates can be through the web page in the first time to see the recruitment information, for enterprises and candidates who are able to save time; the network recruitment recruitment website to win profit for the network; recruitment in candidates, regardless of which is located in the city, they are able to find their desired recruitment information, and their electronic resume in the past, thus saving the layers of interview application and trouble, in short, the network recruitment is an indispensable part of modern people’s lives.

network recruitment has now become a lot of people to start the preferred way, because this need in the beginning of the fund compared to the general business low, so a lot of people will choose to set up a network of recruitment website, and then collect recruitment information and attract candidates into two key links. But in which there are many aspects need to pay attention, otherwise how can those recruiters be assured of their emergency information entrusted to the network of recruitment company, on the other hand, if the site is not known, so the applicant does not find this website exists. So the network recruitment website, the first thing to do is to establish a stable and attractive site, and then to find some enterprises make their recruitment information on your site, you need to have the ability to communicate communication to do this. Secondly, in the collection of enterprise recruitment information, must be verified, or find some deceptive enterprises, when the loss is the network recruitment unit. If you encounter intermediaries, must be written in the recruitment information office, otherwise, so that candidates feel that the Internet recruitment side is cheating consumers. Then, it is necessary to deal with the candidates’ electronic files, must be registered for the candidates, otherwise, the loss of personal information is also a big problem. Finally, it is necessary to deal with the recruitment of Web site promotion work, or else their website can only be unknown.

today, real estate and many industries feel the use of the Internet to recruit their own advertising platform, this idea has some benefits, but there are certain limitations. AdSense for the first, online recruitment website, daily traffic is very big, in the above advertising can let people after reading recruitment information by way of advertising. And for the property owners, they can find potential customers through the electronic archives of job seekers, which is also a low-cost way of publicity. However, there are many limitations in publishing real estate ads on recruitment websites. This limitation is the level of people’s spending. Generally speaking, they are looking for jobs on the web

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