What should do to save you from my website

SEO, chief, synonymous with bitter work, now Baidu murder means more and more. This is also really too horrible to look at, so many webmaster, SEO did not use force, of course, small is the bitter one of the webmaster. For Baidu metamorphosis is that SEO is deep, mother each month there are always a few days is that what, but every week Baidu there is also a period of time there is abnormal, and the limited time of random ventilation, which is really what cheating too. But there are still people who envy SEO work, I do not understand, every day sitting in front of the computer to coax the mother happy, what good envy?. And make good will give you candy to eat, no good that is the end of the world, this life body is not tired but sooner or later will be tortured Baidu injured all over the body.

recently small station can be said to be a problem again and again, is Baidu torture is the need to scorched by the flames, but Tian Zhelian is forced to do this. For the previous degree, she gave me the impression of high-end atmosphere, so that I could easily take care of the type. But only a few months time, the mother changed, I go, just let us do not see the coffin side endlessly ah. Although it is difficult for us to take care of the matter, we have just entered the line, it has already heard, but now this situation can be said to be indefinitely, then what, this is really a sense of collapse ah. But we can give him? The answer is no, not so we have to spend more time and energy to take care of her, let him eat well in the warm water of the incense, so that he will not torture us the bitter webmaster.

but for those who are in the long run, what we have to do first is to get to know him. What changes have taken place in his temper and personality?. First of all, for the web site, the chain is essential, before the degree of the chain for the crackdown is not too much, many of the SEO are in the use of spam links, in the BBS inside replies, with signature link. And now Baidu for these links can be said to be the tartutic, once the site of the long-term use of the chain, Baidu is absolutely not be softhearted. For the chain, like walking to the site of the road, before the degree of mother is not to ask the way, the scenery, as long as you can go to your house, he is all right. But now the year began to care about is the scenery along the way, once the chain do not so good is unpleasant, so Baidu blow is to maintain good can hardly be avoided, so their way home for their website is good, it also requires us to create high quality links Baidu, let more love to your way home.

followed by the station updates and the use of various labels, and the mother has always loved the original, high correlation strong article, this is like you for the master of the mother for the guest. Baidu came as guests should have your home to hospitality, if you go to someone’s home for you to eat the leftovers and you will be glad to Baidu? Now, this point is particularly important, so the internal articles and.

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