With the whole point of Warcraft game player rookie make only superficial changes

I’m a rookie, and at the same time, I’m a World of Warcraft loyal gamer.

a few days ago, World of Warcraft finally closed F, many bored friends asked me whether I want to play a World of Warcraft, I feel tired, so I refused them. Perhaps it was a flash of thunder at that time, and Kung Fu novels often seem to say so. So I have a flash of insight, I intend to do a World of Warcraft web site, because those days always have friends, I recommend World of Warcraft. Why don’t I just make this kind of distribution station and make it easier for my friends,


was a bit excited to think about doing the website. Usually see other people’s Web site, do these websites really can not do anything. Although it’s all about school at school. World of Warcraft (but know too much, truancy. Nothing was learned. ) so I spent almost 2 hours in the Baidu search ah search, finally know now do not have to find someone else to do the program, the direct use of CMS content management system can make an entire station! I took a look at him very good dedecms. thinking.

that morning, I plan to do a website, and at noon, I played the "no eating, no drinking" style in the Warcraft, and spent a whole day pondering it. Finally, I’ve figured out some of the basic features within Dede and the most important modifications to template functionality. Perhaps at that time the brain is hot, always feel oneself how to say, also learn CSS birth, with the default page is not good. Even if not entirely designed, to learn other people’s pages to design a new page, or ah. At least don’t let friends see the website and know it’s Dede’s.. So I made it on the homepage style page that night. To be honest, the page was pretty simple at first. But many places don’t fit in with Dede’s background tags. Many imaginary functions Dede can’t help me achieve. Without any experience, I spent a lot of time in many of the modified page is above, hope that the webmaster take this as a warning.

ok. Here comes the page. Began to integrate with the Dede template function to integrate the home page. It was an imaginary difficulty. My way is to find the index page, find the head and body, insert all the body code I in between, and then refer to the Dede default code, which is found in Dede specific label code, copied instead of my own code to get a static page. One of the biggest lessons I learned during the process was to back up. Otherwise, accidentally delete some important code, really want to cry without tears. I’ve tried this, and I’ll have to reinstall the Dede system and start all over again.

This process is the integration of

template and said I was so simple, in fact many details of the place, I will not detail here. As a matter of fact, once I get familiar with some of the labels in Dede, I can guarantee that you’ll get started soon.

home integration end >

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