Stationmaster wants to learn website from Google China ncident

since May 18th evening, when Google China was exposed by CCTV, news of it came out in an endless stream. Netizens are sympathetic to Google China, and now discuss the benefits of Google china. Look at things should be dialectical look, although CCTV exposure, but virtually made a big publicity. Both netizens and non netizens have impressed Google, and Google China has gained publicity in CCTV exposure, and has gained more potential users in this exposure.

from Google China this is CCTV exposure, as well as the "Green Dam" and many other network events can be seen, personal website force, and even large portal, in the face of conflict of interests with the relevant departments will be affected. The relevant departments of laws and regulations, there is no room for discussion, only obedience, or else it is suppressed. In this can not change social environment, personal website only comply with the relevant regulations of the Internet, will have "good" prospects.

The author in stationmaster net forum made such a debate on "Google China, is the Romans still insist on personality?", in the 7 station is currently involved in the debate, with 5 support adhere to personality, continue to debate is not finished yet, we still don’t know exactly how the result is, every webmaster heart have your vote. No matter how the results of the final debate, or whether it is the webmaster real opinions, personally think that Google wants to Chinese in China development, must do as the Romans do. In the current domestic search engine, Baidu and Google can be said to be very difficult to get out, both sides in the fight for Chinese users, but after all, Baidu came out on top, because Baidu is Chinese, understand Chinese characteristics, know more about how to deal with Internet users and official. Some people say that Baidu is the use of such Chinese style of communication and public relations means, free from CCTV exposure. Google China wants to stay in China for a long time, or to follow the road of Chinese characteristics.

is for Google China, do as the Romans do, for many webmaster, this is not a problem, but too stick to the idea of self personality, it is very difficult to develop the website. We often see the "harmonious society", but I do not know when, "harmony" has generated questions, not careful, if your site is "harmony", then tears, no door. The stationmaster does the station, still on the road of a certain license, search the footprint of forefathers, go forward slowly.

many people may disagree, but the Chinese and a middle course, not a day for two days, has been the history of five thousand years of Chinese culture thoroughly tempered, deeply ingrained. In China, a middle course is the kingly way. Website, too strange, too alternative, too non mainstream, but not recognized, and may even be hit. Deviation from the normal track of thinking is difficult to develop even if it is not illegal. The author once did "eavesdrop network" let the city have no privacy, its existence is lawful, "the investigation", 31 participate in the polling station stationmaster, 27 think is >

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