The website to attract users quirkology mosquito trapping operation method

website how to attract users, many webmaster for this non-stop efforts. Of course, the site to get higher flow, cannot do without the promotion, how to promote, how to promote the most effective psychological characteristics, the most important thing is to seize the user, a method of attracting users today to talk about the website: mosquito trapping technique.

The highest level of

marketing is "don’t sell the steak, only sell the sizzle!" winter potato flavor hauntingly, hot baked sweet potato sweet and warm, enough to leave a good memory, and "spicy string"? Especially the street spicy string, if the choice of materials and condiments, I am afraid it is difficult to let people have a good appetite. In the sale, the merchant is the most intelligent, and some consumers, in their eyes is just "mosquito", from which a few years the food problem, a lot of food after adding something delicious, health is the biggest killer of a modern man.

, the so-called mosquito trapping technique, is not an unfamiliar word. Mosquitoes, especially in summer, bite the human body and seriously affect people’s sleep. For this reason, people tried every means to get rid of mosquitoes. Among them, the most effective and most environmentally friendly way is to imitate the smell of human gas, to lure mosquitoes to attack, and then coupled with a number of drugs to kill mosquitoes, basically reached the purpose of eliminating mosquitoes. Instead of discussing the principles of science, we learn some ways and rules to attract users from trapping mosquitoes.

one has a strong desire, interest, or need,

No matter what kind of website

is, it’s really useful to make sure that it is useful for the Internet users. Like the attractive streets in the street, they can smell the smell of human stomach. Need is the first fundamental, if a web site does not meet the Internet users some kind of will and will, it is difficult for users to visit, to ensure a fixed flow. When we determine the direction of the site, to interview some of the audience through market investigation and observation of other websites, or, for example with acne, now people love to eat spicy food, spicy food is an important factor causing acne, then acne people must exist, so the choice of acne products the user must have. Internet users are now mostly young people, and they are particularly concerned about getting rid of acne, which provides a basis for network marketing acne products. Such analysis, establish the direction of the development of the web site, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

two, find the weakness of this group of consumer, hit its key directly,

mosquitoes do not have long eyes, and they rely entirely on smell and touch to feel human beings, so most ways of trapping mosquitoes are increasing research and development efforts in this area. Similarly, once the site has identified a topic, it will also find the "soft underbelly" of the population when analyzing the target audience". This weakness is selling point, that is, the user community most needed content. In the content of the update and publicity, "side"

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