Website Ali mom and GG ban on how to restore

in recent days, were completed on the same site two times by Ali mother and GGAD has blocked and unsealing operation, was sealed in detail here to record and release of the steps, I hope to give you some help, recovery of blocked sites in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary loss of.

of course, there’s a premise that my website doesn’t actually have any intentional cheating,.

first said Ali Mama, I was last year registered the Ali Mama, just started is also big buyers to buy a bag, week 400 dollars (seems to be specific, can not remember), then no to sell advertising, so I put billboards removed during the mom, there are several tests of advertising revenue, which is the billboard hanging out for a few hours or a few hours, then second days to see income, but it is also helpless, after all, compared with GGAD and Baidu, Ali mother on income is relatively low, but because the traffic is relatively high, so there will be suddenly one day tens of thousands of IP traffic, and then a few days without any traffic situation, may be the cause of " not the scope of cooperation in Ali mother in ", the emergence of this tip last year, I did not seriously, After all, I didn’t cheat, but Ali mother’s income is not high, not worth to take, and I was very angry, but was because I didn’t cheat, then angrily, all on the website of the Ali Mama advertising removed entirely. But later want to come in, this is not entirely to blame Ali mother, after all, any anti cheat system can not be a hundred percent accurate, but their flow fluctuation is larger, even if it is also suspected of youqingkeyuan.

until recently, Ali mother launched three packages of services, efforts is really great, I think this is worth to take to earn advertising, he decided to apply for re opened, so I gave mom a call following mail:

Ali mom Hello customer:

my mother Ali login number is: *****

I see my mom account recently, found it impossible to add advertising in, that is " your site is not currently in the range of " cooperation Ali Mama!; I consulted the Ali Wangwang customer service, said may be the reason for the abnormal data, and there should be a mail. I find it and did not find any message. But my site is no cheating.

there are two reasons why I can produce data anomalies:

1. I have tested several times the Ali Mama advertising, each probably less than a day, because the income is far less than the GG and Baidu (I do GG and Baidu for about two years, there has been no cheating, now doing) and then remove the code, because my site traffic is relatively large. "

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