Webmaster navigation for users not just webmaster

recently made a "webmaster navigation" web site, literally understood, seems to be for personal Adsense service site navigation station. But more than 3 years of experience with traditional Internet companies, many of the people who work on the site need tools like "webmaster navigation". Although they are not individual stationmaster, but the content that does a few work and individual stationmaster are a lot of also same. "Webmaster navigation" is a green hand for these people, better to solve some difficult problems.

himself has been hovering between personal websites and commercial sites, has touched many grassroots personal webmaster, and many commercial sites BD personnel, product personnel have dealt with. Therefore, these 2 types of people are more understanding. Found that their online habits and access to Internet information is very different channels.

business website staff are mixed business cooperation QQ group (which are major sites based on market personnel), see IT information is generally go to DONEWS or Techweb, play SNS is generally 5G and colleagues recorded. Individual stationmaster all mix stationmaster Q Qqun (individual stationmaster and a few small company employee is given priority to), see IT information is to stationmaster net and Chinese stationmaster station mostly, the SNS that plays is KDD, also have a few people to play home. Although all rely on the site to survive, but the content of the Internet and understanding of the information is very different.

many new people working on the web are all college graduates who have no experience in the web. But when the company comes in and lets them be responsible for the promotion of the website, they will feel very confused, have no way to start. If you just go to DONEWS and Techweb, you certainly can’t see much experience in promotion. But people who work on websites, especially those who are graduating, simply don’t know where the webmaster, the webmaster, the web site are. I wonder if you can see a lot of promotion experience at these sites. Don’t mention these new people, many of my colleagues who have worked for years have no idea of the existence of these websites. So the gap between personal websites and business sites is very large.

because my promotional articles often go to DONEWS, Techweb, and these places. Many people from here found my article, a large part of the graduate students, what do not understand, the company arranged to do website promotion. Whenever they ask me how to promote, I always suggest that they go to some webmaster nets, look at those above grassroots Adsense write promotion experience.

, or I directly suggest that they try their own website, not for money, interest, at least know the site of the entire process, so that their own improvement will be very fast.

because of their own articles, what types of IT sites are released?. From Admin5 to DONEWS to Sina IT blog, so it faces a wide variety of Internet work crowd. I hope they pass my article, through "webmaster navigation" more

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