Pay attention to user opinions and ignore user behavior nternet products users of the 4 major mis


recently talked with some of the people who did the research and found that many of the people in the industry were confused about what they did. The report wrote a lot of data and analyzed a lot, but it felt that the actual operation of the product is not helpful, and even the analysis of the results and the actual situation than a great deviation. In fact, the user research is not an emerging field, in many traditional industries, user research has played a huge role for the development of the industry.

Internet industry users in fact and the traditional industry is very different, but many of our researchers still follow the traditional market research concepts and methods, the result is not good. Here, the author summed up a few common mistakes, hoping to engage in the Internet industry users study friends play a reference role.

misunderstanding one, aimless user segmentation and user portrait

to do this thing is actually a portrait of the user from the FMCG do user research mode inherited, through qualitative and quantitative way, their users into one or more types of groups and find their typical features, such as male, 25~24 years old, 4000~ income 5000 yuan,…… FMCG industry is a certain value to do such research, because this industry product homogeneity is more serious, the market of different products, or the same company in different sub brand products, in fact, not much difference in function, who are difficult to monopolize the whole market.

so each product has to find its own market position and strengthen its position in this position through advertising, pricing, and other means. It’s important to find a niche for users at this time. But for Internet products, there is basically no cost and pricing issues, the main difference is that the user experience. The user experience is good or bad, there is basically a unified standard, not because of the difference between groups and what is the big change.

therefore, it’s not very meaningful to do user segmentation and segment the group at this time. Even so, a large number of Internet users research team of enterprises (including their market research provider) still user segments and user portrait as an important work, writing a large number of fine, rich user portrait report, but the report results cannot be obtained by.

error two, the product’s loyal users as the core user of the product to study

what are the core users? Different Internet Co have different definitions. Considering the convenience of operation, many companies will study their loyal users or active users as their core users. These loyal users are the basis that the product can rely on. Many times, such assumptions are not a problem. In the traditional industry, in-depth study of loyal users, to find their common features, and then in a similar group

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