Say the way the blog runs

have seen a lot of Daniel’s blog site to make money, feelings, I have to talk about the blog running way today, money will not say, flow can earn money flow, depending on how you run

!What is the so-called

blog? Unlike other sites, as a platform for the development of individuals from the media, blog is more personal blog concept is like-minded, as you open the casino gamblers Zhuang, more you can make money! Blog operation is not difficult, there are a lot of people do very well, but why more and more people don’t do well, online for one or two years running the blog is mostly a weight, two, but one hundred or two hundred traffic. The following is my analysis, please tell me what you


one, originality of the article.

we all know the importance of the original article, not only for SEO, to improve user stickiness, is essential, the blog is mainly to what is Bo main blog, SEO what are the clouds, writing is to win in you, as you wrote home the comment says, the blogger said heart, the blogger said it very well. You resonate with everyone. It’s easier for you to remember you, an article that resonates, and you might have one hundred, two hundred hardcore fans. That’s a hundred times more important than seo.

two, blog targeted.

I have seen many blogs, some blogs is also has a long history, the flow is too horrible to look, with a blog that I have seen it, this blog has two years of time, flow rate of less than one hundred! This blog to write what, a few novels, is probably the original writing! This novel opened a blog, if it is good, so good starting point, and the platform you don’t go, where you will meet more people, after a fan of you open a blog that is not easy. Don’t write well, some people will not go to your blog, no blog! There is one, the blog is also good, but also a few years, there should be a few hundred IP days! This blog where the trouble is no sympathy, no content?. Marketing is done well, is a very hard blog webmaster, analyze, this station webmaster tools, blog Daquan, outside the chain of tools resources is very good, content!! Title: in the end there is no love of life. Title: what should you do after exercise? Things like these. Brother, can cock point, this website you do some webmaster resource type you write the contents of what significance! Your user group has marketing persons is the webmaster, what do you want to stick to your users, it is important for


three, the readability of blogs!

original content is a must, if you can write original words every day, you can not look at these third points, the readability of the resources is an important aspect to the user. The value of a blog is reflected in what your blog can bring to others

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