Webmaster don’t let the impetuous drown your heart

recently in the A5 forum to see a lot of people can not find a valuable post in that there is water paste, advertising stickers, rarely see valuable, others complained that the forum is getting worse, A5 is getting worse and so on. In fact, many people complain about the forum and ask whether the water paste, you made a number of valuable posts, you carefully read a few valuable post? Complain about others bump at the same time, whether you are a


webmaster network admin5.com May 3rd reported an old domain name to do new sites: in April I made three thousand and seven hundred yuan, personal experience sharing article, one day hits rate of 2370, high hot news first. The author summed up all day, how much, how many month article will always be readers, and some of the feelings of the reflection, but cannot resonate with readers. What does this show? Modern society people have extraordinary desire for money, and the pursuit of accumulation of money desire too much, few people stop to reflect on their own, impetuous thought has spread to the hearts of everyone.

The ancients said:

often stone. But the old saying has been gradually forgotten, instead of the impetuous, interests, money, and pressure, helpless spiritual dilemma. In contemporary life under the oppression, few people stop to reflect on their own, pursue and go, ignore the true feelings.

webmaster tour every day in the major forums, websites, as well as portal news sites, mostly curious, is the trend of interest, hoping to find the path to success from other people’s experience. Go to each big BBS, hip-hop without thinking post reply very carefully, and the lengthy articles rarely Click to see the heart of the article is away. Although there are fewer and fewer articles that resonate, but the main thing is that people close their hearts to the window, become impetuous and uneasy, and gradually lose themselves in the noisy society.

many webmaster do website in order to make money, but how the spirit of an impetuous heart to earn real money in the Internet? The Internet is impetuous, but it is not the original impetuous character, nature is just like the Internet gives people. Every successful webmaster can succeed, first of all is to do their job, carefully designed study, free from arrogance and impetuosity, SEO CMS system, keyword optimization, write the soft, do duty station, money in order to secure. Hao123 Li Xingping, the qualification is not high, just started on the network, when the station has not formed the website prototype, only in the daily work of Internet cafes, sorting out the "rookie" on the Internet, gradually improve the website prototype, and all link a person to update the site. Workload and pressure, but he was down to do it, and eventually by Baidu’s favor, become a personal miracle of the station, hao123 has become an important part of Baidu.

though impetuous >

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