How to develop the characteristics of home products

Chinese specialty products number lot, vast territory and abundant resources, but many products have been just a nest in one place, can not be spread, there is no way to bring more profits to the local people. Such a background, it is necessary to carry out professional development. However, many people have the intention to pass home products, but do not know how to develop. Here, the small series on the successful development of a case to see if it is necessary to do this to help investors.

one afternoon in the summer, Zhang Silai’s office found me. He laughs, say you will, leadership, planning, help me think of a way, I want to do a little business.

during my work in Chishui, the division of tourism development. Four is the Chishui Tourism Bureau temporarily employed drivers, out of the rural young people, more than and 20 years old, medium tall, very sturdy, round face, dark, not much, good temper, Hanhan thick appearance, said a laugh, people are diligent, eat bitter.

what did I do for him?

I said, the Chishui scenic spot inside, visitors to the farmhouse meal, farmers are not free to use insect tea to entertain guests? On Chishui market at present did not see you to sell insect tea, where to buy farm, to sell the package, is a rare thing? Currently estimated acquisition price is not high. Come, grading packing up and sell various products, pricing, packaging grades are not the same. To design gifts, general tourist goods, as far as possible more styles and varieties. If done, earn a little money no problem.

this way, rent a store, your wife monopoly Chishui boss dung. You, is responsible for running outside of the business, coordinate relations, how good! As for the starting capital well, there are tens of thousands of dollars is enough.

listen to me to say, four Zhang Jin, Han Xiao, said the leadership, anyway, to help people to help in the end, what packaging design, product name, advertising ah, what what, you have to help me to think well, you know, I do not understand the low culture, anyway, all on you the. I’ll do what you say.

so I talked to him about it. It is named as "product, Chishui longevity, advertising language, insect tea" is designed to: "Chishui longevity insect tea essence". Packing, I introduced a friend of Zunyi opened a printing plant, you can help him design. Zhang four went away happily.

although reading less, culture is not high, but this guy has a little savvy, strong execution, fast action. Product packaging design version soon played out, brought to me, very good, and the market price of the product is very coordinated positioning. Zhang Si said he was talking to the advertising agency in Chishui to discuss the price. I recommend

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