Qinghai Ramen why so cattle

do you know the difference between "Qinghai Ramen" and "Lanzhou Ramen"? Is not the question asked silly, not locals, or Qinghai is not very familiar with the people really do not know how to answer. This question is a big ask, want to know what is going on? Let me have a look at it.

3 month 10 days, President Xi Jinping participate in the discussion of the Qinghai delegation, representatives about the precise poverty, the Qinghai poverty alleviation initiatives, including the export of labor services was formed in the process of economic Hand-Pulled Noodle like " " such a brand. General secretary also asked about the origin of Qinghai ramen, and the difference between the Lanzhou ramen, operating the situation of ramen personnel.

heard that now there are 2.8 ramen shop in Qinghai, there are 180 thousand people across the country engaged in the operation of ramen, many people have thus become entrepreneurs, the general secretary of this affirmative.

a bowl of noodles to promote 180 thousand employment

18 million people in the eastern region is nothing, but a total of about five million people in Qinghai, the number of people is not a small number of 180 thousand. Especially, there are a lot of these 180 thousand people are from Qinghai Longhua County, a total of only tens of thousands of people in this county.

Longhua harsh natural environment, the annual average temperature of 2.2 degrees, the average rainfall of 470 mm, drought, hail natural disasters frequented, is a state-level poverty-stricken counties. Can be such a county, in the past 30 years, the Ramen business to do all over the country.

at first, the people of Longhua family leave the hometown, pull noodle shop just to make a living, a name also called Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle. Later, the greater the reputation of Lanzhou ramen noodles, simply put on the "Lanzhou beef noodles" signs, business is growing, "Lanzhou beef noodles" has become a household name brand.

a clerk from Longhua, they were three brothers and sisters at home, can not afford to read high school graduation, followed by fellow learned to do ramen, are now in Beijing.

" when I was a kid, it was too hard. Now we can make a lot of money for three people. " this is less than 20 years old young man said, in the future to learn the skills, we have to set up their own shops, there are so many places in China, you can shop.

Qinghai Ramen how so cattle


Qinghai Ramen success of course, inseparable from the sweat and efforts of the people of Qinghai, but also behind the government’s economic support.


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