How to join the clothing store consumer groups

joined the clothing store, many issues to be considered, the first is the positioning of the consumer groups. Therefore, the positioning of the consumer groups, it is necessary to understand what is the customer we need, even if people who will patronize stores are not clear, to enhance the popularity will only thankless. So, when we join the clothing store should be how to locate consumer groups?

1) gender factor. To open a clothing store to determine whether the men’s clothing store or women’s clothing store. According to the differences in consumer preferences, men pay more attention to the quality, once the fancy will not care about the purchase, while women will bargain, but the higher the frequency of purchase. Men and women’s gender is inherent, can not be avoided. The beautiful woman complex made generous, the pursuit of elegant manner that men spend money like water. Investment projects clothing is a good choice.

2) age factor. In fact, what age, there is what kind of consumer grade, what kind of personality characteristics of the people, to match the style of clothing are not the same. Taking this into account, the target group of clothing stores may be more extensive than the individual store. However, it is important to note that the risk factors of goods in the store.

3) income factor, which is a critical factor, is aimed at the purchasing power of customers. Because the income is different, even if the sex, the same age, it can withstand the price of clothing is also different. The definition of customer’s income level, directly affect the clothing pricing level, white-collar workers as the main customers and to pink as the main customers, the price difference will be greater.

the general direction of the business, to more peace of mind. Before you join the clothing store, you must first do a good job of positioning, set a clear goal, know who are their customers, who have come to the store shopping, the clothing store business has great marketing.


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