Do business also need to pay attention to the news

shop really really hard work on it? I would like to have the relevant business experience should be aware of, if the current affairs, do not understand the news, which is also very detrimental to the business of the store business. I usually do not drink, do not play mahjong, the only hobby is watching news. Business is not busy, I can sit in front of the computer to Sina, Tencent news page to see two or three hours.

this is not enough, CCTV 1, CCTV2, CCTV13 these three with the political, news, economic channels, it is my favorite. I think it is important to look at the news, hot news, the party and the government issued a major policy, which has a business, there is a chance, and even related to our small business jobs. I remember one night in December of that year, when I surf the Internet to see a cow milk was found on the news of carcinogens.

second days when the dealer to deliver milk, I did not listen to the dealer discount trick, only bought a box of three yuan brand milk. Soon, Mengniu incident in our remote small town has been a hubbub, a household name, near the two supermarkets Mengniu milk nobody cares, resulting in unmarketable backlog. And my store because well-informed, not only did not suffer any loss, three yuan milk sales are also good.

2012 in December, I saw the news on TV, the Party Central Committee issued a anti-corruption "eight provisions" information, taking into account the impact of this policy, shop near the two companies during the Spring Festival receptions will reduce the number of charges with the smoke, I promptly to the high-grade cigarette purchase shop in the appropriate adjustment, the purchase amount of high-grade cigarette was reduced by 50, an increase of five or six and mid-range cigarette brand specifications. After the Spring Festival, I shop all kinds of mid-range cigarette sales are very good, high-grade cigarettes did not cause inventory backlog.

therefore, I firmly believe that: business opportunities in the news, the news of the transfer of information, always affect our business, keen to capture the information, you can "speculation" a. News, will provide us with more opportunities, will give us a risk warning, or simply tell us some things do not do. To extract effective information, it is necessary to immediately put into action. If you do business with the others behind, being led by the nose, others take charge of the finished, you do have little profit or nowhere. Only the first step to occupy the market in order to win.

news, although the store’s business will be of great help, but the operation of a store can not rely entirely on the news to support. In short, the cigarette retailers in a way of earning money can not completely rely on the news, rely on policy, it is also inseparable from the tobacco companies and credit management: adhere to the purchase, ensure cigarette quality, strict implementation of the price tag, not low sales, not price gouging, warm and thoughtful service to customers… >

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