The two families will see how retail retailers

time is different, the operating conditions of each store will be different, and in order to make the business of the shop is better, no matter what kind of special holiday, naturally also need to do a good job of stocking. The passage of time, time shuttle, blink of an eye, the golden nine silver ten, but also to. The farmers are busy with the autumn harvest, while the retailers are busy storing the goods they need. Be well prepared for the double. As a retail household, most of us are looking for a holiday income. So we’ll have to get this bucket of gold.

suppliers of various commodities also began to let us, let us buy their goods at a time, so as to benefit from it. Although the double gold sales cycle, but we have to count the hearts, can not take the risk to follow suit. To look at their own surrounding consumer situation, to find the right marketable, so reasonable stocking. But the festival is a large flow of people, the safety of our shops can not be taken lightly. Should also focus on. Here is a look at the following several retail households on the preparations for the holiday is how to do?

Shandong City, Weifang retail owners Yang boss

you know, we Chinese is a state of ceremonies, the Mid Autumn Festival to most people with small holiday to return home and spend the festival for family reunion.

with the rising flow of returnees, for our retail households is undoubtedly a good thing to do. During the festival, the flow of people, we should be fully prepared to stock. So, I should have had the heart of the purchase plan, that is, the inventory of a variety of goods in the store, and then targeted to store a variety of sources of demand, so that the purpose of the purchase. For the store already existing goods I began to control the amount of purchase, after the holiday season to purchase, as long as the store can sell as long as possible. Do not have too much inventory of goods, so as not to cause a lot of money after the festival, the flow is not open.

Mid Autumn Festival, the University also have a holiday, the business opportunities for our students can not ignore the owner. The students can also bring us a lot of money, because the students are quite different from those of the past 70s. At that time, it is difficult to solve the problem of food and clothing, not to mention what to buy toys and snacks. Now the students are at home, little master, they see no parents do not buy things, most parents are very generous to pay for their children to pay. So this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, children’s business opportunities I have to be very good grasp.

Sichuan retail households Xu boss

shop to do business, especially in the holiday season, we must pay attention to the quality of goods purchased. Because of the arrival of the peak season, some suppliers will be able to give us some loopholes in the poor quality of goods into the store. So in the course of the supply of goods, must be polished >

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