Wuhan employee loans ceiling raised to 100 thousand yuan

now together among the employees by the government to encourage entrepreneurship, in many places for some employees are given a lot of business facilitation measures in Wuhan, recently raised some workers business loan amount.

28 day, the Wuhan Municipal Federation of trade unions issued a series of real estate workers entrepreneurship incentive policy, the loan amount of not more than 70 thousand yuan, up to $100 thousand.

it is reported that, according to the new policy, the business loan amount never more than 70 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan. Partnership or the establishment of small businesses, can be no more than 100 thousand yuan per person, the total amount of not more than $500 thousand of the amount of bundled loans, giving the maximum amount of interest for the longest 2 years. If you can repay on time, you can give second venture guarantee loans, loan period of up to 2 years, the full discount.

in addition to funding and site support, Wuhan City Federation of trade unions also set up a staff innovation achievement award, the annual investment outstanding achievements and outstanding rationalization of 2 million yuan of funds to reward employee suggestion.

In fact, for many workers


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